Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Exterface Interview

Urban Myths is your first calendar. Why did you only decide now to make one?
Well, first of all we’ve been, as you know, collaborating with our dear friend Francois Sagat and his brand KICK on their calendars for the last three years, which is always a lot of fun and full of surprises! We found it to be a very inspiring support to work on and a nice opportunity to tell a story over 12 months… We think it’s also a cool way to connect with people, adding some Exterface to their everyday lives. More than a calendar, we see it more like a big format photo book!

Your calendar is a celebration of your love for America! Have you always been fans of American pop culture?
Since we were kids, we have always been fascinated by this country, being both born in the 80s, America was definitely a huge influence, creatively: Warhol, Kruger, advertising design, many sci-fi movies… Disney for sure and his magical ability to tell stories in a different way. We are sure you will agree on us with that!!! So, for this calendar we wanted to make a fusion between Greek mythology and the American pop culture. It’s like a past-present-future celebration.

Your calendar features 12 demigods shot during your last trip to America. Can we expect to see any familiar faces?
All of those 12 demigods were either models we already shot and loved so much or models that we had always wanted to shoot with, so this was a great opportunity to make that happen in one project! Each embodied 12 iconic gods of the Greek mythology, with a modern twist.

Is the calendar as racy as the calendars you created with Francois Sagat?
Ha! It’s a very sensual and atmospheric calendar for sure with the right amount of flesh and fabric… 14 fashion designers were involved in the looks and we shot in 12 exciting locations between New York and California.

Which is your favourite month in the calendar?
It’s not an easy question as every month is so distinct to another and each has its own character, attributes, setting, colour… There are little back stories for all the shoots we did last May, so we have a special connection to all of them. We shot at a church door under the rain in Hell’s Kitchen for Hades, been hiking with crazy heat in the Joshua Tree park for Asclepius…

Which month do you think I will enjoy the most?
Maybe Pan… Adorable hunk Chase Hostler did this one for us near a beautiful waterfall… It’s very Fantasia in a way. And we believe you have fascination for satyr, haven’t you?

That I do.  I noticed on social media recently that you shot both Will Wikle and Colby Keller! Can you talk about the shoot at all?
We have been very lucky to be asked by Will Wikle to document their movie project they are working on. So we shot the two of them and also the gorgeous Levi Carter for this project at the Cockyboys Studios in Long Island. We had such a blast, all amazing and inspiring creatures. Can’t wait to share the pictures!

We also shot a very hot and watery little story with Will.  It was quite a show to be honest! An unforgettable experience with the both of them.

As we say goodbye to summer, what fun projects can we expect to see from you both over the next few months?
We want to do a book or two, as we have so many great pictures with Francois.  We have also been shooting a lot of great content in America for the last months that we would like to put together as well. Expect the unicorn pictures to be used in a new and comfortable way. An exclusive and permanent poster shop on Bezar very soon too! We also recently had the privilege of shooting legendary Trenton Ducati in the Hollywood Hills involving an old Porsche car and a pool, hot and epic…

Where can fans order your calendar?
Our fans can order our calendar now at exterface.com/shop

Thanks guys!


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