Thursday, 8 October 2015

Willie Gomez Interview

Hey Willie! How are you?  
Hey Portis, I'm doing great!  Thanks for asking. 

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?  
I'll tell you a little bit of what a Willie day is like... I like to wake up usually 7am latest 9 if I'm extremely tired... Go wash my face and brush my teeth ha ha then go straight to the kitchen because I always wake up very hungry due to how active I always am and have my power breakfast to get myself ready for the gym. Then about an hour later I get ready to leave the house and hit the gym... Sometimes go to vocal lessons straight after and back home to relax a bit and make some lunch. I then like to sit down in my bedroom and study my real estate course that I'm doing for CA. I also often get lots of ideas in my mind that I like to write down about things I want to do and accomplish so I always have these moments here and there throughout my day. I'm always thinking what's next? If it's a show day, then I'll head to the Axis theater at Planet Hollywood for our 7pm call time, have dinner there at 7.30, then at 8.30 start to get ready for the show. At 8.45 I go down to strength behind them big curtains and at 9.15 the show starts which goes on for 90 mins... Usually at about 11pm we are out of the theater and headed home to relax and get some rest. 

I don't know how you've managed to fit it in, what with you slaying with Britney on stage most nights, but you've gone and shot your very own calendar with photographer Kevin McDermott!  Who came up with this brilliant idea? 
Oh ha ha thank you, yes, Kevin McDermott and I teamed up to create this beautiful black and white 2016 calendar which we shot in the middle of El Mirage dry salt lake bed. It was pretty cool and different as I had never shot in a location like that and on top of that I was also fully nude. But I trusted Kevin since the start as I know he always has a great vision! When we started talking about the project we both came up with ideas and then ended up with this which we thought could be really cool! 

You have to be pretty confident in your skin to do something like this where you're nude for most of the shoot.  What's your favourite part of your body?  
I have learned to be comfortable in my own skin, yes, plus I work very hard to maintain my physique so why not show it off?! My favorite part of my body is my neck and lower back... 

And which part of your body gets the most compliments from lovers and fans?  
From the lovers I mostly get compliments on my lips and my lower back then lower ha ha, and from fans, usually my abs and bum? Ha ha this is making me laugh.  

What's your favourite month in the calendar?  
My favorite month in the calendar is April. I think that might be a lot of people's favorite too. 

And which month do you think will be Britney’s favourite?  
I think Britney's favorite might be September.

What was the experience like shooting with Kevin McDermott?  
My time working with Kevin was pretty awesome. I've always been a fan of his work plus he's a pro at what he does. He makes me feel very comfortable in front of the lens which for me is very important. 

As you well know, every iconic dancer has a signature move, so what's yours?  
My signature move is usually a Latin move since it's in my blood and I've trained at it when I started dancing. Every dancer that knows me always gets to see this side of me at every audition when it comes to freestyling. 

If you were to put some moves on me to ensure you got a great feature on my site what would be your song of choice to dance to?  
If I was putting this move on you I think I'd choose "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias ha ha. 

Britney recently announced that she will be performing in Vegas for another two years. Does this mean Willie will be too?  
Yes, the show has been extended for two more years and it looks like the whole POM family will stay together.

Where can fans pre-order your calendar and when does it ship? 
Everyone can pre-order my calendar at and all pre-orders before Nov 15th will be signed by Kevin and myself.  We will ship them out starting first week of December.  

Thanks Willie!


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