Thursday, 17 March 2016

Todd Sanfield Interview 2016

Hey Todd. How are you? 
I’m doing really well, but much busier nowadays. It is much more difficult than I expected trying to build a brand while working full time as a pharmacist.

You just realised your new underwear collection today! What can your fans expect from the new collection? 
A timeless, understated design that is made exceptionally well. The quality of the fabric and workmanship is noticeably better than what I have had in the past.

What prompted the changes that you've made with the new collection? 
The simpler, the better. I wanted to create this collection to have an understated look, something you can wear forever and appeals to everyone. It will be my Essential Collection and will always be available when you shop the brand. 

The collection includes jocks, briefs and trunks available in various colours. What is your favourite piece from the new collection and which style are we most likely to see you in? 
The brief. It is form fitting and designed to really show off your body, which is why it would be hard for me to wear anything else. It also includes v-necks and tanks, something I currently wear to the gym everyday.

Kevin McDermott shot the campaign and web imagery. What was the brief you gave him when approaching how to shoot the new collection? 
We essentially planned two shoots that took place over a four-day period. For the website, I wanted it to be very clean and simple with a white background and consistent posing. I did not want to take away from the product. For the campaign, we planned a couple different locations and took an organic approach with the photos. We have worked enough together so I was confident there would be some great photos. 

Having already collaborated on two coffee table books together, can we expect to see a third anytime soon from you both? And if so, any ideas on a theme yet? 
We plan on doing a third, but no ideas yet. All we know is that the third book will be the final book and we need to close with a bang.

What is your main goal with this new collection? 
It is all about the quality. My main goal is to deliver a modern design with premium quality fabric that is stitched beautifully.

Where would you like to see your brand in a year from now? 
My main goal is to continue to produce new collections and have a wider range of products. That is the only thing I can control.

What gives with your YouTube channel by the way? You hook us in with one shirtless Aesthetics video and then no more updates! Please tell me you’re going to dedicate more time to this now that the collection is out? 
I know, I know. The gyms I go to will not allow me to walk around with my shirt off, haha. It is too hard trying to find a gym that will let us film. It is still something I would like to do more of, but not at this time. Working out on a daily basis is already a challenge. 

If you could pick any male celebrity to endorse your underwear in a fantasy campaign, who would you choose and why? 
Chris Hemsworth, he has a crazy body!

Who would you rather see wearing a pair of Todd Sanfield briefs, Hillary or Trump? 
Bernie and Hillary with me in the middle.

Haha good call!

Where can we shop the collection? 
There are some stores that will be carrying the line throughout the United States and internationally. I will be putting a list on my website over the next couple weeks. And, of course, you can purchase the product on our site: It is available now.

What can we expect next from you? 
That is a loaded question, haha. Definitely, something exciting.

Thanks Todd!

Shop the new collection now at
Photography by Kevin McDermott



  1. We can't wait for more either. Todd is the best! =) Even already ordered my new Essentials.

  2. Best collection yet. Love the colours, especially light purple.


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