Friday, 22 April 2016

Portis Wasp interviewed for Harper's Bazaar Taiwan by Angeline Hsiao

I am really excited to share with you my interview for Harper's Bazaar Taiwan!!! Thank you to Angeline Hsiao for asking me some fun questions about my collages earlier this month and to Harper's Bazaar for continuing to support my work.  I really am grateful for all the amazing opportunities that have been coming my way lately, and this was definitely a highlight this week!  

Here is the english translation of my interview.

Why would you want to place fashion figures into a Disney world?
I love creating colourful images that have a sense of humour, and Disney have always created really fun illustrations! Combining the two at first was accidental, but I really enjoyed the result so continued to mix the two elements in my collages.

If you ever have the chance to talk to a Disney character, which will you choose? And what are the questions you would like to ask?
What a fun question! I would love to ask Ariel what it felt like to walk for the first time and if she ever misses having a tail now that she is married to Eric and living on land?

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Those fashion figures appearing in your work are relatively uncovered and carrying some sexual suggestion. If you have to choose some properly dressed models, in what way you will put them into your creation?
What I really respond to in fashion imagery is the story being told, which is why the clothes in fashion editorials have never been a priority for me. I guess I also like my work to be a little suggestive and playful which is why there is nudity in a number of my collages, but I like to present it in quite an innocent way.

I have a new editorial coming out soon where the model happens to be fully clothed and what I tried to do is highlight the clothes but also present them to the reader in an unconventional way. It is never enough for me to see a model wearing an outfit posing against a plain background. I find that quite boring.

Does being followed by many celebrities have an influence on your work?
I wouldn't say I have changed the way I work, but I am aware that a lot of fashion industry people are now following my work. It is wonderful of course, but I always just try to create images that entertain people and not think about anything else. I think it's a better way to work.

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You once said that you are “a sucker for American pop culture”. Could you share with us your thought toward the hero (i.e. Iron Man, Capitan American, Batman etc.)?
I love Superheroes but much prefer female heroes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Catwoman, Mystique and Hit-Girl! I find female characters a lot more exciting to watch on screen than their male counterparts!

In addition to the Disney collage series, do you have any other series that you would like to introduce to the Taiwan reader?
As well as sharing work I have created for fashion magazine’s that don’t contain Disney elements, I also post a series on my Instagram that mixes fashion imagery with video games like Resident Evil, Aliens and Dead Island. The hashtag is #KillerFashion

Can you share with us your creative plan in the near future?
I want to work with more great photographers, see my work published in lots of great magazines and book my own Bazaar cover one day!!! I want to do it all.


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