Thursday, 20 October 2016

My interview with David Mcintosh about his new fashion brand

Hi David. How are you?
I'm more than fabulous. As I currently converse with you I'm outside in the blissful Aussie sun, strolling through the picturesque bushlands. May I politely add, the sun has transformed me into a bronzed God, delicious on the eye and easy on the palate. 

Young hot innocent boys like me are a delicacy for wild kangaroosm I'll have you know! So these may very well be the last words of David Louis Raphael Mcintosh. 

What made you decide to create your own brand?
Great question. I've been in the fashion industry for quite some time, but of course I've always been in front of the camera showcasing the designs, never the creator behind the scenes. After quite some time, I thought why keep wearing different company's clothing and promoting for them. I have a sassy creative eye for design and know what works and what doesn't. I had to express my creative side, so creating a fabulous range of vivid prints and masculine cuts from top quality materials just had to be done.

What can you tell us about the debut collection that launches on October 26th?
Raphael is stepping outside the realms of modern day fashion and promoting masculinity through diversity. We embrace differences and are bring ingforth a new age of man.

What do you think makes Raphael stand out from other brands?
It's bold, it's beautiful, and it's dynamic! Our underwear is crafted from bamboo making it insanely soft yet more importantly it exsentuates EVERYTHING! Turning small boys into big boys. Oh and don't get me started on our Italian lycra swimwear, it's totally to die for. The colours are so vivid it's unreal.  

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
There are some really intense pieces, but as I'm extremely naughty and academically sweet I like to showcase my animalistic side. So I loveeeeee the giraffe print swim briefs. When I step into a pair of those ohhhhhhh weeeee some hearts are gonna get broken for sure. Lock up your grandmas boys, I'm coming.

What was your main goal when designing the underwear? 
I'm all about comfort and quality. All our underwear is handmade in Australia, so you know it's the best of the best! When you step into a set of Raphael's I want you to feel empowered like an indestructible God of the ancient world.

Would you say your clothes compliment all body types, or should I be squatting from now until my order arrives? 
We deliver cuts for all types of men; queens, bears, cubs and twinks! Lol. Whatever you're packing in the front and rear, my designs will amplify it 5x over. Trust me, you will be a walking sex magnet just like me lol.

When you were in the military, did you ever think that one day you’d end up having the career you have now?
I've always embraced change and never give myself any limitations or restrictions. There are so many different shades of Mcintosh. So going into the designer world is just another sample of one of my many distinguished flavours. 

Do you ever miss that time in your life?
I miss the action for sure and working with people that you knew we're legit and never had any cause to want to screw you over. But I'm happy to have moved on and keep that as a great experience and memory that will always fill me with pride. 

As someone who promotes fitness and what you put into your body, why do you think so many people struggle with their fitness and healthy eating?
People complicate things wayyyy to much and set themselves up to fail big time. If you're a beginner, don't start with grand ideas of eating nothing but vegetables and training 2 hours everyday because more then likely you won't commit to it and you'll just stop completely. Create a feasible workout and diet routine.

Who was the last man you crushed on?
Hahaha the only man I ever idolised was John James Rambo and for you to suggest that any man is greater is blasphemous .

You’ve been a gladiator, music video candy for Jennifer Hudson, and now a clothing designer. What’s next for David Mcintosh?
Something much greater! I've being laying low in Australia working on designing my collection, but now it's time to rise like a king cobra and explode back onto television!

Thanks David!

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