Thursday, 1 December 2016

Photographer Douglas Friedman talks to Portis Wasp about his 'Facinator' underwear collection

Hi Douglas. How are you?
I'm well today. Trying to get some trees planted before winter settles in.

What made you decide to create your own underwear range?
I was getting frustrated that I couldn't find any underwear that were made with a luxury level cotton for a reasonable price. The good stuff, and its good because of the quality of the cotton and the type of construction, was well out of my reach. So I decided to make a premium underwear, one as good as the $100 pair, that was affordable. I want you to be able to buy three pair and not feel like you won't be able to pay your rent.

What can you tell me about the styles available online at the moment?
We started with a boxer short and a brief, both in white. Its what I wear. For me, this is a complete line. But the product has been so wildly successful in the first couple of months that I have decided to introduce new colours and styles in 2017. And perhaps even a line for women.

I love the little F that’s embroidered on the underwear. Would you mind indulging me on how you came up with the moniker The Facinator?
Well the "F" can stand for many things... use your imagination. The name "The Facinator" occurred to me when I was at a friend's wedding outside of London, and all the ladies were wearing fascinators on their heads. Well, lets just say I was fascinated.

I also love the campaign images! Was shooting the models as torturous an experience for you as the images suggest? ;-)
It was horrible! The whole campaign was shot, edited, composed and captioned in my hotel room late at night while I was off on other assignments. It was wonderfully creative work because there was no one overseeing the campaign but me. I did most of the work on an iPhone.

Was designing the range as creatively fulfilling as you hoped it would be?
It was actually rather complicated designing underwear. It's a very complex product (especially the brief). We had weeks of choosing the fabrics and the weave and perfecting the fit. No one warns you that seams in the crotch need to be very specific. Or that I was required to be the fit model.

What style of underwear do you find most attractive on a guy?
I like a brief mostly. But when a boxer is tailored to perfection (like The Facinator's are), they look terribly sexy.

What is your top tip for looking great in your underwear?
Always opt for a pair that are a bit tighter than looser... no one looks good in droopy drawers.

What’s next for Douglas Friedman?
A vacation. And after that 2 book projects, a television show and more undies.

Thanks Douglas!

Shop the Facinator collection here.
Also for more info.


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