Thursday, 15 December 2016

Rick Day talks to Portis Wasp about his sexy new book 'Rick Day + Belami'

Hi Rick. How are you? 
Hi Portis, Great to talk with you again! Happy Holidays!!!! 

Tell me a little about your new book 'Rick Day + Belami'… 
Well my new book, "Rick Day + Belami", is really a perfect collision of everything. I grew up in the conservative state of South Carolina. My first introduction to George Duroy's world of Belami was through an image I saw in the back pages of a magazine I had found in a late night burger dive. I didn't think much of it... but later when I moved to Atlanta Georgia I received in the mail a small discreet envelope with a Belami promo folding into a million folds... kinda like gay origami when I unfolded it I was mesmerised by not only what I was looking at but how beautiful the men were. I was hooked from that moment on. So 5 years ago when I was approached to shoot for Belami I jumped at the opportunity. This book is a combination of images I shot of the guys in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012 and images I shot of the guys in a beautiful remote castle on the outskirts of Prague in 2014. I wanted to showcase these boys on the brink of becoming men. Youthful but not naive. I couldn't be prouder of this project. Great great experience. 

What was it about the Belami man that captured you the most? 
I was so captivated by the Eastern European features of the men of Belami.... so different than the football player jocks I had grown up with. I loved that they were mostly thin lanky boys with chiseled features and beautiful bodies... not to mention all of their other gifts. ;-) 

What qualities would you say makes the Belami boys different from other gay porn stars? 
What I really like about the Belami boys is that you don't see them ANYWHERE other than in their films and pics. They are not all over the gay circuit as go go boys... or escorts... they are not meat heads that are so typical of american porn stars. There is nothing wrong with any of those things as I have shot many men at other gay companies, but their absence of social media pages and being so available intrigued me.... and of course the fact that - as legend has it - they were straight was also something I wanted to see for myself. 

Who impressed you the most? 
I have to say that there were no diva's or arrogant guys and all of them were extremely nice and willing to shoot whatever I asked of them. That was such a treat. Many of them do not speak English so it is hard to say who were my favourites, however a few did stand out as I had shot them more than once and they could speak English. 

Kevin Warhol went out of his way to make sure that I had whatever I needed and served as a translator many many times. Jim Kerouac, Joel Birkin, Andre Boleyn, Kris Evans, Marcel Gassion.... you see... too many to mention. However.... Hoyt Kogan... always takes my breath away. I find him absolutely beautiful. I also used him in one of the CIN-2 advertising campaigns I shot in Prague. 

Who surprised you the most in front of the camera? 
Joel Birkin surprised me the most. When I first met him in South Africa he was the new kid. 18 years old. He had not been in any of the films and I was his first "shoot". I expected him to be scared or timid but he was actually quite the opposite. His personality is so full of life that he was determined to be the star lol. I would be shooting someone else and I would look over and he would be positioning himself to get my attention. I like that kind of persona. 

Which image in the book would you say best captures what you set out to do with this project? 
I think there is no one picture that captures everything I wanted the book to be about, but there is an image in the book of 12 boys naked and just waking up under a large tree by a stream. The perfect orgy of gorgeous young men.... Innocent yet alluring. It was the first shot I did on the last day of my trip to Prague. I had asked Kevin Warhol to gather all of the boys together and have them ready to shoot that shot at 8 am… just as I arrived at the castle. It was spectacular. 

Is it too early to say who the subjects of your next project might be? 
I am at the moment working on a book of beautiful boys and rescue dogs... A charity book for the next holiday season. My next large scale book tentatively will be about boys of the Middle East. With everything going on in this world at the moment in the Middle East I feel we forget that there are a lot of people getting painted with a large brush... and not to get too political on this interview.... as i tend to do..... I would love to shine a light on the gorgeous men in different parts of the Middle East. Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran and I will include Morocco as well. 

What do you hope your fans will take away from this project? 
What I hope that my fans will take away from this project is a book available at fine bookstores near you.... or online at or

What’s next for Rick Day? 
Next for me? Who knows. Trying to get you across the pond and finally meeting the wasp in person. 

Let's make it happen!


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  1. Stunning and you have what has to be the best job in the world!


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