Thursday, 2 March 2017

Transforming my body in 12 weeks with Alex Crockford's #Crockfit

Alex Crockford is a personal trainer I came across on Instagram who has set up his own workout method called Crockfit

I'll admit right at the beginning of this post that I failed miserably to complete even a week of his #HomeFit plan when I started it over a month ago, but in hindsight it was a bad time for me to start with the work I had on at the time. I can be a little obsessive when working on a big project and my head just wasn't 100% committed to working out at the time.

With my schedule now clear for a few days, I've decided that I'm going to give this a go again which is why I want to share with you a few details about Alex's Crockfit workout's and also commit myself in print to beginning my transformation.

On his website, Alex offers four different training and nutrition plans that can be implemented in a gym or at home. They are; #GymFit, #HomeFit, #SheFit, and #CrockFit Abs. 

As I work from home and am a fair distance from a gym, the #HomeFit plan is the most ideal for me. I also like that you don't need any equipment to do the workouts, though if I feel like it I have a kettle bell and other weights I can incorporate into my workouts.

Below is the information provided to you about the HomeFit plan on Alex's website:

What is #HomeFit?

#HomeFit is an online 12 week body transformation training and nutrition plan which I have designed for people who prefer exercising at HOME (or anywhere!) and for people who struggle to get to the gym due to lack of time or anything else. Also for people who want to increase their confidence before going to the gym in the future. You don’t need any equipment, just your body and a strong mindset. Perfect for gaining strength, fitness & muscle and reducing body fat. 

What is included?

- 12 week HOME training programme (no equipment).

- Nutritional & Supplement guidance.

- Picture & video exercise demonstration.

- Discount codes for some of the products I use.

- Packed full of tips & information.

- Access to the #CrockFit members area.

- Calendar & training diary.

- Social media progress photos to use.

- Email support!


- 30 minute home training sessions with no equipment, 5 times per week.

- Healthy diet, following the nutritional guide I have provided.

- Update emails and optional photos after each cycle. 

- Joining our #CrockFitCommunity and interacting with us on social media.

The cost for the 12 week programme and nutritional advice is £60.

Both the #GymFit and #SheFit plans also cost £60, whilst the #CrockFit Abs plans cost £15 each.

As this is already a lot of information for one post, I will end this by saying I will update you on my progress as I work on this plan. I also noticed on Alex's website earlier today that he is offering a free sneak peek at CrockFit for anyone who is interested if you sign up here. What's to lose, right?

Everyone's fitness journey is different, but if you're looking for something new to try this may very well be the solution for you. I'm certainly excited to give the #HomeFit plan a proper go, starting tomorrow!

Wish me abs of steel!!


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