Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Portis Wasp interviewed by Out Magazine

Before Christmas I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Hilton Dresden for Out Magazine. I got asked a lot of fun questions about my work, so if you are interested click here to read our conversation in full.  Here's a snippet:

Did your art change at all after the 2016 Presidential Election in the US or after Brexit?

I like to think of my art as a way of escaping from the apocalypse so what I create is more influenced by a song I may be listening to or a film I might have watched that made me feel a certain way.

What inspired you to start doing moodboards?

I didn't really give it much thought to be honest. I was a little bored and wanted to see how easy/hard it would be to make one. I'm not at a place where I want to dedicate time to shooting content myself, but it's definitely something I’d like to explore at some point so the moodboards are just a good way of showing people what interests me in that area visually. It’s fun for me to make them and my followers seem to really enjoy them which is great.

Career aspirations? Do you hope to move into longer film work? 

I have so many career goals but if I'm fortunate enough to continue to be asked to work on fashion projects with great creatives, I'll be happy. I would of course love to explore the idea of longer film work and I would also like to work on publishing a series of limited edition zines. I think I have a good eye for visuals, so having my own mag with amazing creatives contributing to it would be a total dream.


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