Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Preview: D'Scene Issue 1

A huge thanks to Zarko for sending me a few unseen images from the first issue of D'Scene Magazine which is available to order now.  For a look at both covers of the premiere issue (featuring models Stephen James and Oliver Cheshire) click here.

The issue also features interviews with menswear designers Bobby Abley, Baartmans & Siegel, palmer//harding.  The latter of which answered 5 questions for me earlier this month!  Great minds think alike obviously.

For future updates from D'Scene click here.

System Magazine Smells like Lara Stone This Month

Ever wondered what Lara Stone smells like?  I know I haven't.  But for those of you who get off on the smell of freshly printed paper and the suggestion that if you're very very lucky a Dutch Supermodel may have cried an angel tear onto one of its pages, then you have a lot to live for this month.  Lara isn't the only smelly nelly to cover the new issue of System though.  You can also smell models Liya, Stella, and Saskia.

God know's what Stella's cover story smells like?!  Jeezo.

Haggis maybe?

Modus Vivendi 2015 Campaign by Gavin Harrison

Modus Vivendi have debuted part one of their 2015 campaign which is photographed by Gavin Harrison.  The pictures show the underwear brand's new Pride Line which has just become available on their website and at selected retailers around the world.  The two models featured in the Harrison's photos are Adam Phillips and Alex Cannon.

Modus Vivendi's 2015 campaign boasts work from ten photographers, so expect quite a few updates over the next few months from the underwear brand.  View the rest of the images from the campaign here.

Ton Heukels by Anthony Meyer for L’Officiel Hommes Germany

Photography: Anthony Meyer
Styling: Sara Bascunan Alonso
via wilhelminanews.com

SEE ALSO:  Ton Heukels on the Cover of Fucking Young!

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