Friday, 27 November 2015

Jordan Barrett by Damon Baker for Numero Homme Germany Winter 2015

Jordan Barrett is photographed by Damon Baker for Numero Homme Germany's Winter 2015 issue with styling by Bill Mullen. 

Photography: Damon Baker
Styling: Bill Mullen
Hailr: Neil Grupp
Makeup: Makky P

Rita Ora for Wonderland Winter 2015: The Horror Issue

Rita Ora covers one of five Wonderland covers for the magazine's horror-themed 2015 winter issue.  To see the rest of the covers starring Agynes Deyn, Miguel, Peyton Knight and James Bay click here.

This Is Not Clothing's Collection III/II

This Is Not Clothing's Collection III/II takes inspiration from classical sculpture and modern protest with artist Jam Sutton showcasing a series of digital sculptures that he has created using 3d scanning techniques of real-life models.  Taking inspiration from the Parthenon Marbles from Athens, Sutton's marble sculptures depict a ferocious battle between modern day Lapiths (legendary people of Greek mythology) and Centaurs (half man, half horse) that are presented in Collection III as riot police and uprising protesters.  The resulting images are a juxtaposition of classical art and the anxiety of modern culture, contrasting mythology with real-life events.

To shop the stylish collection click here.

Two sexy reasons to shop Charlie by Matthew Zink's 'Black Friday' sale

With lots of discount available on their collections depending on how much you spend, Charlie by Matthew Zink's Black Friday sale is not to be missed, but just in case you were undecided as to whether you really need another skimpy pair of pants in your collection, Charlie's gone and made our minds up for us with these two tantalising campaign images.  Thanks a lot Charlie, you sly dog you! 

Click here to shop the collection.  Not that you have much of a choice...

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