Monday, 5 October 2015

15 shirtless Nathan McCallum moments you're not going to forget anytime soon

If you haven't heard of Nathan McCallum, the fitness blogger from down under who has amassed a rather large following online, then you've probably been living under the illusion that Ruby Rose is the only legit hottie down under who is worthy of your Instagram likes!  Well, as it turns out, there's at least two Aussie's you should be lusting over and Nathan is most definitely one of them.  

Check out his best shirtless moments below and then follow his ass on Instagram.  I think you'll agree, this lad is the only inspiration you need to get yourself off that couch and down the gym this weekend!


Adam Lambert spreads his legs in Schön! Magazine

Adam Lambert spreads his legs and lathers up in Diego Indraccol's new shoot for Schön! that also boasts a zebra head and some pretty fly styling.  But don't take my word for it, check out some of the shots below before clicking here to read Adam's interview with the magazine.  I take it you've also seen Adam's sexy AF single cover for Another Lonely Night?  I just can't with this boy at the moment.  He's looking damn fine.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Portis Wasp x Odda Magazine Issue 9: Icons

Finally the day has come and my new editorial with photographer Ben Cope is out on stands!  Thank you to Ben for letting me play with his wonderful shots of Ryan Bertroche (who I have also been a fan of for a while) and to Richie at 7 Artist Management.  Here are a couple of images from our editorial along with a third collage I created for my Instagram.  You can find out more about the new issue of Odda here.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Francois Sagat Interview

Hey Francois! How are you?
I’m very good and you, I was enjoying the BLOODYMOON last night at 4:00 am… and you?? Did you see it ??
I didn't!  I'm so annoyed.  I meant to stay awake but I was all kinds of rubbish and fell asleep.
You have teamed up with Exterface once again to shoot your 2016 calendar? What can your fans expect from the new images?
I actually think it was obvious to do our 3rd calendar with Exterface again ( I want to do the 4th calendar as well with them ) as they are nowadays the photographers I feel the most comfortable to work with.  We actually know each other more and when I want to express ideas they are the most objective ones on what’s possible to do or not.  I also trust them a lot when it comes to the final product as they have a lot of genius propositions each time so it’s actually always challenging and exciting to work on a new project with them!

This time, fans can expect both good styling and good nudity at the same time with an amazing colourful accent as well!
Your new calendar promises to be a journey “between unknown planet and poisonous nature”, which follows you on “your sulphurous getaway to a phantasmagoric and sensual world”. Quite a mouthful this journey of yours, is it not?
As you can see, the “CALENDAR COVER” doesn’t say it all but it’s actually inspired by the film The Faculty.
Omg I love The Faculty!
So to answer you, well, I’m basically talking about DANGER.  I got very excited writing that description lol.  This time we had more Kick Sagat items to play with on this 3rd calendar and knowing that the main theme of the collection is “ALIEN invasion” we still wanted to play around that line, but NOT too much!! Of course, we escaped from the theme in few images, we didn’t want to restrict ourselves in one thing only.  We shot a few interesting places that are not really related to “Planets from another galaxy” BUT it still fits perfectly in the image collection we did for this specific project with more nudity and frontal nudity.

So we shouldn't expect images straight out of the likes of Flash Gordon or Barbarella in this fantasy world you have created?
Well, less poetic or heroic than that in a way LOL.  I was more thinking about Tremors and The Hills Have Eyes; that kind of dangerous environment,with venomous creatures, snakes (snakes in the water as well, you’ll see) the desert, a very dry world, so apocalyptic imagery in some ways. Let’s say, that’s 60% of the calendar.  We shot a lot on the beach and on the dunes in a very sunny, windy and dry climate. But you'll also find some indoor shots with a very classical interior or some very 80’s/90’s bedroom settings: something more from our world lol - images that totally match with the rest; and harmoniously.
As you mentioned, you have a great rapport with the Exterface boys! What do you enjoy the most about working with them? 
I think they’re growing a lot when I compare their first work to their current projects. We have a very good communication outside of the shoot anyway. They’re hard workers and perfectionists and I think they are in constant evolution. And they can be “vicious” on staying elegant, like me (lol) which is the “KEY ELEMENT” for a very successful work in terms of inspirations and references.

They like to experiment a lot, Exterface, but the funny thing is that you always  recognise their work, which is the essence of the personality of a photographer. We can work very differently each times, there is no specific rituals before a collaboration. It can be improvisation on some project or it can be something decided in advance, very programmed and calculated.  That's why I always like to collaborate with them because it’s always a different experience.
Did I hear you correctly when you said you will appear fully nude again in this calendar?
Fuck yes!  More cocks (lol), more frontal nudity, it’s a calendar after all! But this time, we definitely share more images for 2016!  Some are with clothes on because it was an amazing opportunity to feature the KickSagat collection, of course, and some images are very erotic and raw.  For sure, I think it’s a very miscellaneous 2016 “grand cru”.

What is your favourite month in the calendar?
My favourite is December because it represents the main spirit of the calendar and it’s very colourful and sci-fi inspired.
And what month do you think I will enjoy the most?
I think you’ll LOVE LOVE LOVE AUGUST! I love August as well because it’s full of information and intimates little details but also very erotic at the same time.
As we say goodbye to summer, what are you going to miss the most?
I’m not crazy about summer.  I mean, who doesn’t like it? Yes, it’s an enjoyable season BUT it’s always an obvious time when the world (mostly Europe) NEEDS to be on vacation and when everything is always so slow. Blah. I love the beginning of spring.  It's always full of energy and effervescence.
Where can fans order your calendar?
Now and Exclusively on KICKSAGAT.COM 
Thank you Francois!
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