Monday, 17 August 2015

Craig McGinlay is today's shirtless model with great abs

When one takes a guess after seeing only one picture that the front of the model looks just as formidable as the back of the model before receiving confirmation shortly thereafter that you made the right call.  Photography by Specular.

For my Disney-themed collage with Craig McGinlay click here.

Collages: Putting the 'D' in Disney and a wooden boy in Garage this week

I do believe I haven't posted a collage update on here since April, which is totally unreasonable and makes me a truly awful person - I know.  But I've been super busy working on collages for magazine's as well as my Instagram, so get off my case okay!  

In all seriousness, I'm having a total blast creating collages at the moment and am super grateful for all the awesome opportunities coming my way.  If you're interested, I have some new work coming out next month but until then you can check out my recent print work in Paper and online remix for Garage which recently went live.  Oh and don't forget to follow me on Instagram for daily updates.

Photography credits can be found at the foot of this post.

1. Cole Monahan by Scott Teitler
2. Candy Ken by Benjamin Ehrenberg
3. Chrissy Teigen by Mert & Marcus
4. Willow Smith by Tyrone Lebon
5. Diego Miguel for Charlie by Matthew Zink
6. Gigi & Bella Hadid by Steven Klein
7. Pietro Boselli by Isauro Cairo
8. Diego Miguel for Charlie by Matthew Zink
9. Diesel 'Hero' Fit by Matthias Vriens-McGrath
10. Candy Ken by Benjamin Ehrenberg

Portis Wasp recycles Garage: 'Once Upon A Time in the East' starring Adriana Lima and Pinocchio

Whilst I have already shared this a sneak peek on my Instagram, I wanted to put a proper post together for my blog and point my readers in the direction of my new collaboration with the folks at Garage magazine.  Long story short, I am a huge fan of Garage, so to be able to remix their Once Upon a Time in the East cover story with Adriana Lima has been a total dream.  And as you can see, I decided to give Adriana a little sidekick to help her on her travels!  

Head over to Garage now to see all the images from my remix story, as well as Inez & Vinoodh's wonderful photography and Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele's beyond styling.

Steven Klein shoots Bella Hadid and Xiao Wen Ju for Samsung's new lookbook

Jennifer Lawrence lookalike Bella Hadid and model pal Xiao Wen Ju add a touch of high-fashion slayertude to Samsung's new lookbook in these sleek shots by Steven Klein. Serving countless fierce poses alongside some equally bold typeface, the girls serve as a much needed face lift for the term "tech fashion" as they model Samsung's new gen phones and watches.

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